Aeolus V2 Pro
Aeolus V2 Pro
Aeolus V2 Pro

Aeolus V2 Pro

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The Aeolus Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Version 2 (Pro)
pronounced [ˈe.o.los], (ay-o-los)

Key Features:

Syntheticloud's Signature Vertical Airflow System

All of our atomizers will feature our signature Vertical Airflow System. This system is vastly superior to current airflow dynamics that other manufacturers use. It works by directing airflow directly over and around the heated coils, then evenly clearing out all vapor produced within the chamber. This ultimately produces a much cooler, denser, and tastier vapor while also preventing stagnant vapor from collecting at the bottom.

Versatile Airflow Control

We wanted to cater to the entire spectrum of the vaping community so we implemented a configurable airflow control on all of our designs. With our versatile airflow control system, you are able to select the number of channels in order to adjust the airflow to fit your needs. Do you need competition clouds? The Aeolus V2's maximum airflow setting is about 3x that of the Aeolus V1. Are you a flavour-chaser instead? We included a smaller airhole on each side that cater to those who prefer mouth-to-lung hits. Still not enough flavour for you? The Aeolus V2's airflow control system allows you to dial down to virtually any size airflow.

Anti-Leak Cover

Ever since we first started vaping, leaking has always been the primary reason that deterred us from using rebuildable dripping atomizers. The thought of wasting our favourite juices and spilling it on our clothes and furniture was enough to make us cringe; it was a mess--figuratively and literally. We felt that the horizontal air flow designs of current atomizers were soon to become obselete and we wanted to be the manufacturer that elevates the vaping community into a new status quo. Because our atomizers' airflow draws from the top, you no longer have to worry about your atomizer leaking in your pockets or spilling out when your mod is placed horizontally.

Anti-Spitback Design

Thanks to our signature Vertical Airflow System, you will never be burdened by splashing juice again. The downward pressure of the airflow prevents the juice from splashing into your mouth, which is also great for cloud competitions since it allows you to perform an extended pull and push without having to worry about a mouthful of juice and nicotine.

Reverse-Threading System

Our Aelous V2 features a unique reverse-threading system that prevents your barrel/sleeve accidentally being removed from the deck. The reverse threading system ensures that your device will never threadlock and also includes an o-ring that serves to eliminate any possibility of your juice leaking out from the deck. Since the deck is completely sealed off, the entire atomizer acts as a juice well.

Two Piece Deck

The contacts in the Aeolus V2 Pro are made with pure naval brass in order to minimize voltage drop. We plated the brass with 18k gold to keep the flavor of your juice unaltered, all while giving the deck that high-end look and feel. Since brass is a relatively soft metal, we used stainless steel to make the threading to ensure that your atomizer will be fully functional for as long as possible. The stainless steel screws in the deck are used to hold the two pieces together.


Everything you loved about the Aeolus RDA:
  • ‣ Syntheticloud’s Vertical Airflow System 
  • ‣ Syntheticloud's Anti-Leak System 
  • ‣ PEEK Insulators (649.4ºF) 
  • ‣ Unparalleled Flavour 
New Features/Improvements:
  • ‣ Wider Range of Airflow Configurations 
  • ‣ 3x More Maximum Airflow 
  • ‣ Additional Small Air Holes for Tighter Draws 
  • ‣ Shorter Barrel, Lower Profile 
  • ‣ Two Piece Deck 
  • ‣ Reverse-Threading System 
  • ‣ Anti-Spin Square Centerpost 
  • ‣ Larger, Square Post Holes 
  • ‣ 18K Gold-Plated Brass Contacts 
  • ‣ Stainless Steel Barrel, Top Cap, and AFC
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