Bedside Guide to Dreams

Bedside Guide to Dreams

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An unanalyzed dream is like an unopened letter from a friend. Inside are messages of caution and concern, hope and inspiration, that can have a dramatic impact on both your everyday life and your lifetime goals. Psychologist Stase Michaels guides you through the inner journey and adventure that begins with a dream and ends in exciting practical and spiritual insights on the road to self-discovery.

With a simple five-step method to dream interpretation, this remarkable book offers specific techniques for drawing on this vital resource of personal growth and empowerment. The author explores twenty-seven dream types and pinpoints how they can expand your horizons and enrich your experience. Listen to your dreams and learn how they can:

  • Provide vital keys to your body and health
  • Enhance your relationships, including your sex and love life
  • Inform your decision making, tap your creativity, and help you meet challenges and goals

Plus a revealing look at nightmares, dreams about past lives, future predictions, and much more.

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