Budder Block Goo Tray by Kindtray

Budder Block Goo Tray by Kindtray

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Kindtray makes the finest custom trays for the ultimate cannabis experience.  This tray keeps the sticky under control! 

The Budder Block Goo Tray includes 2 small Budder Block containers and a Santa Cruz titanium tool.

        Quality Materials and Precision Engineering 

        Wood - Crafted from forest certified green or reclaimed woods. 

        Finish - All natural food safe grade finishes. 

        Magnets - Triple layer coated nickel copper rare earth magnets to secure the lids.  
        The magnets are very strong and open with a simple twist to keep your stash safe. 

        Seals - All natural gum rubber gaskets to keep your stash fresh. 

        Craftsmanship - Manufactured in the USA with the finest craftsmanship! 

        Warranty - Lifetime warranty from any manufacturing defects. 

        Care & Maintenance - To keep your kind tray looking new we recommend you apply a coat of butcher block conditioner periodically. We utilize Howard Butcher Block Conditioner which is a food grade mineral oil and natural wax. 

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