Cotton Bacon (Original & Version 2)
Cotton Bacon (Original & Version 2)

Cotton Bacon (Original & Version 2)

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  • The first cotton wick designed for Vapers by Vapers
  • Only Safe, Clean and Traceable cotton for your Vaping Pleasure
  • Large fibres for Low-Ohm Builds, Minimal dry hits, More Capacity and only the Cleanest Flavour
  • "Our cotton conforms to the USP standards for Pharmaceutical cotton as well as the FDA’S CFR’s for Food Contact Substance"
  • We receive a Certificate of Compliance and Analysis for each batch of our cotton
  • Cotton Bacon is Easy to use (Bacon) Strips. Just use the amount you need. Simply Pinch, Tear, Wick 'N' Vape
  • It is packaged in a resealable travel sized bag for on the go Vapers. 
  • We take pride in packing our cotton in a Clean Environment with minimal exposure to the surrounding air for the purest cotton possible 
  • No more BOILING or waiting for dry time. Get your Vaping supplies at your local Vape shop! No two stops about it
  • 10 strips per bag

Version 2:

  • The First Organic Cotton Engineered by Vapers for Vapers!
  • It’s Not Just Cotton, It’s Cotton Bacon!
  • Now upgraded to V2 for a purer and cleaner taste and vape!
  • The Organic Cotton Bacon in each V2 pack is denser! 
  • Made in USA 
  • Organic Cotton Bacon is the cleanest, best tasting organic cotton on the market for vaping. It does not add any unwanted flavour to your vape and it wicks incredibly well
  • Cotton Bacon comes in thin strips to make it hassle free
  • No boiling necessary, simply Pinch, Tear, Wick ‘N’ Vape
  • Packaged in a resealable travel sized bag for on the go
  • Clean tasting cotton for enhanced flavour
  • 100% US Organic Cotton 
  • "Organic Cotton conforms to USP standards of Pharmaceutical cotton as well as FDA’s CFR’s for Food Contact Substance" 
  • Each bag comes with 10 strips of cotton
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