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Deodorizer Bag is a discreet black pouch that uses a patented activated charcoal cloth lining to make even the most pungent odors undetectable to the nose. No more embarrassing or compromising situations because of the strong smells. 

Reusable and resilient, every stitch is strategically placed to maximize the seals and ensure any odors remain confidential. 

Why Choose Deodorizer Bag?

Deodorizer Bag is the not only the industry leader, but the ORIGINATOR, because it is the only product that has been tested to be the only 100% smell proof bag. 

There are many competitors out there who make similar items, but don’t be fooled by these knock-offs. All other products on the market contain some level of air seepage. The Deodorizer Bag is proven to absorb all odors. When you purchase a D Bag, you can rest assured that you are receiving a product that is made with only the highest quality materials. In fact, each bag is made up of 2 layers of military-grade, activated charcoal cloth, which is the secret to being smell proof. 

If you’re wondering why you can’t just use a glass jar, plastic bag or vacuumed sealed container, read on… 

These items are not intended to absorb and actually eliminate odors. Eventually, the odors will seep through the closures. Not to mention that plastic bags are easy to rip and glass can break, whereas a Deodorizer Bag is much more durable. Vacuum sealed devices may seem like a good idea, but they are only intended for single use. Once the seal is broken, there is no way to re-use without having convenient access to a heat sealer. 

Only the Deodorizer Bag is meant to be used again and again. 

How it Works 

The secret to Deodorizer Bag’s odor eliminating magic is ACTIVATED CHARCOAL. 

What is activated charcoal and why does it work so well? 

  • Activated charcoal comes from carbon which has been treated with oxygen. This produces an extremely porous charcoal; which increases the surface area of the charcoal. These pores ABSORB various gases and liquids. Luckily for us the activated charcoal ABSORBS ODORS! How well the charcoal works depends on several factors including, the pore size, distribution and the original material used to made the charcoal. Don’t be fooled by other “smell proof bags”, the Deodorizer Bag works so well because made out of military grade activated charcoal cloth, which has been proven in the field

How Do I Use the Deodorizer Bag? 

  1. Place your stinky items within any other container BEFORE inserting inside the Deodorizer Bag. 
  2. It is important to make sure your item’s do not come into contact with the charcoal cloth otherwise the carbon will absorb part of your item 
  3. Place the container filled with your stinky items inside the Deodorizer Bag compartment. 
  4. Make sure not to contaminate the exterior of the bag 
  5. Firmly press and seal the interior Velcro. 
  6. Fold over the flap and securely seal the outer Velcro – your bag is now smell proof
  7. Enjoy the odor free air! 

Remember; Do Not allow your stinky items to directly touch the Deodorizer Bag fabric! 

Directions for Use 

Before you begin inserting items into your Deodorizer Bag, it is important to take a few necessary precautions to maintain the integrity of your bag. 

Clean Your Area 

  • First, start with a sterile environment. Keep in mind that any substances that may transfer to the D Bag’s exterior will contaminate it and lessen its effectiveness. For this reason, and to ensure maximum efficiency, be sure to clean any surfaces before setting the D Bag down

Wash Your Hands 

  • Next, wear gloves. This will prevent contaminants that may be on your hands from spreading to and dirtying the surfaces of the Deodorizer Bag through basic handling. Always use care when handling the D Bag and its filling

Protect Your Items 

  • Make sure to place your stinky items inside any other container prior to putting them in the D Bag. This will extend the life of your items as well as the bag by providing a barrier against the activated charcoal lining. Don’t allow your stinky items to directly touch the Deodorizer Bag fabric! The fabric will absorb anything it comes into contact with

Use the only Smell Proof Bag 

  • Once the items are secured in any container, place that inside the smell proof bag compartment. Firmly press and seal the interior Velcro closure. Then, fold over the flap and secure the outer Velcro seal in the same fashion

That’s it! You can now enjoy all the benefits of the Deodorizer Bag. 

How Long Will My D Bag Last? 

As with any product, the lifespan of the Deodorizer Bag is directly correlated to how and how often it is used. On average, a Deodorizer Bag that is used every day, with rough wear & tear, will last around 2 years. For occasional use, for example only when you travel, the Deodorizer Bag could last far longer. 

The D Bag is not intended for long term storage. This means you should not keep anything inside of it 24/7 for prolonged periods of time. Because the activated charcoal absorbs odors, it will absorb, to a degree, the smell of your items. If you would like to maintain the integrity of your items you should only keep your stinky objects in the Deodorizer Bag when it is necessary. Great uses for our bag-for example, when you are traveling, away from home, etc. 

In addition, we do offer warranties on satisfaction and craftsmanship. Our small bags come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, while our larger styles come with a 1 year warranty on defects. 

How to Clean Your Deodorizer Bag 

Deodorizer Bags are Made in the USA and built to last. Stitched by hand and made with TWO (2) layers of activated charcoal and a 2-ply polyester fabric, Deodorizer Bag is resilient and durable.  

Effectively caring for your bag will help to extend its life even further.  

Follow these easy steps to clean your D Bag and prevent it from unnecessary damage: 

1. Wash the Activated Charcoal Fabric

  • Take a damp washcloth and simply wipe both the interior and exterior areas with the cloth. This is where the charcoal activated lining resides. Wiping it down with a damp cloth will remove any surface residue and help to maintain the effectiveness of the odor absorbing charcoal elements

2. Re-Activate the Activated Charcoal

  • Take a hair dryer and turn it to high heat. Then dry the inside and outside of the bag thoroughly. The heat passing through the charcoal fabric will reactivate the charcoal lining. The heat will clear out the pores of the charcoal which will bring your life back to a 90% life

That’s it!  It only takes those two steps to clean and maintain your Deodorizer Bag. Now isn’t that nifty? 

You’re probably wondering; How often do I clean my Deodorizer Bag?  While it is an essential component in maintaining your D Bag in the long run, it is NOT necessary or recommended to regularly clean your bag. We suggest only cleaning your Deodorizer Bag if it begins to smell or if you notice it just isn’t working as well as it should. 

In our experience and testing, we have found that a brand new D Bag can be used every day for 9 months before needing a refresher. If you use your bag only occasionally, you can go much longer without washing. 

Loss of Functionality 

The activated charcoal fabric of the Deodorizer Bag will reactivate to a 90% functioning rate after each cleaning. This means that your D Bag will lose 10% functioning with each cleaning. 

Comes in: 

  • Small 3" x 4" 
  • Medium 4" x 6" 
  • Large 6" x 6" 
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